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The 2002 Farm Bill brought victories and defeats. A feisty alliance of conservation and family farm activists secured the largest Farm Bill Conservation Title ever. Many of you were a part of that effort. Great work to all! Still, we can’t rest on our victories, there’s much work to be done. Hand in hand we can help promote a sustainable network of independent farmers working to protect our natural resources and diversity. Future generations will thank us! We’ve also reviewed Chegg.com book rentals as another option for getting books at a low cost.

Our Committment to Education

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Over the years we have had a long standing relationship with the major universities in our area. As a result we have also had many students involved with our organization. Our primary focus is helping students with the cost of school through scholarship programs and lower cost textbooks. You can learn more about the top places to get your textbooks here as we’ve created a great guide.

Another option to consider is digital textbooks. Depending on the student and the course this is becoming a much more popular option. It’s best to just calculate the total costs and go with the lowest option and discounts are crucial for this.

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