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A Rant About High Textbook Costs

What is the biggest shock for most new college students?

“I almost started to cry,” remembers college sophomore Crystal M. “I had some money put aside for textbooks, but when I saw the actual prices in the university bookstore, I was in shock.”

The average college student forks out $655 for their textbooks and learning supplies each year. Considering that the average tuition that a student pays at a 4-year public college is $2,900, that $655 is hardly chump change.

Where to buy textbooks for the lowest price?

– Buy from someone who took the class last semester

“I had a friend on campus who had taken one of the same classes I was taking, and she sold me her book for half of what it cost her to buy,” said Crystal. “But for the rest of the books I needed, I had to pay full price from the university bookstore.”

Get to the bookstore early

The earlier you get yourself to the bookstore, the better chance you have to snatch up used copies of textbooks that are sold for cheaper prices than brand new. Be prepared to put up with someone else’s highlights and notes on the pages of your used textbooks.

Shop online

The used copies are all gone from the college bookstore, or perhaps your professor is insisting that the latest edition is the only one that will suffice. Before paying full price, copy down the ISBN that you can find on the back of the textbook. Use this number to search for places to purchase the book online to find the best deal. You may not need the ISBN at all college textbook sites, but that number is helpful to make sure you are buying the right edition.

Sites to check for cheap textbooks are, Barnes & Noble, eBay,, and You can also resell your old textbooks at these sites.

Rent Textbooks

You can rent textbooks by the month on in Kindle format. You don’t even need a Kindle to view them, since you can read the book using the free Kindle Reader app that works on pretty much every platform out there. The cost is less than if you bought the books outright.

Crystal, who is now in her sophomore year, has this to say, “I definitely use all of the online sources I can to get textbooks cheaper. I check them all out before I even think about buying textbooks from the (on-campus) bookstore.”

Her first semester was the most expensive one as far as textbooks go, but she says it’s been less traumatizing now that she knows where to find textbooks cheap.

The Problem with Popular Textbook Companies

One of the most expensive items on a college student’s budget is textbooks. A time-honored practice among students is to sell these books when they are done with them. Ideally, the profit gained goes toward purchasing the next set of books needed for the next course. The big question is where you can sell your college books so you get the most out of it. Although nearly all schools offer textbook buyback options, what you get will probably be less than selling your books elsewhere.

Where Used Book Companies Can Go Wrong

There are a lot of used books sold online. Doing a search using the keywords “used textbooks” or “used books” will generate huge amount of hits: 100 million for the former and a whopping 1 billion for the latter. To make things easier for you, here are a number of websites that the majority of students flock to when they search for low-priced textbooks. There is a higher chance at these websites that you receive an acceptable amount of money for your books.

1) Chegg – this was basically a textbook rental company for students when it launched in 2007. The company has expanded its services to include buying used textbooks from students that meet their “Acceptable Condition” requirements. If your books meet these criteria, just type in the ISBN numbers of the ones you plan to sell in order to get a quote. You can then ship the books for free through UPS. Once they receive your books and confirm that they are indeed in acceptable condition, you get paid.

2) Amazon – this online superstore saw that allowing students to buy and sell textbooks through them is big business. The textbooks should meet certain requirements before Amazon will deem them acceptable (e.g. condition, ownership, cause of damage, etc.). These are stated in their “Textbooks Condition Criteria”. You can resell books with Amazon even if the books were not purchased through them. Book shipment is free through US Postal Services and UPS Ground. The books have to be received first before you receive any credit for them, which can be viewed as your gift card balance in “Your Trade-in Account”. There are also various promotions that you can avail of from time to time that makes selling books with them more lucrative.

3) – this site is focused on reselling or renting out movies, games, music, books, and textbooks. It is a subsidiary of the hugely popular online selling website eBay. In order to sell books through, you have to create a seller account. The site will ask for your credit card number as a means of identifying and verifying who you are. Your card will not be charged for this. The site encourages sellers to put up for sale only books in good condition through a feedback profile that has to be kept public if you want to sell through You will have to handle shipping and product returns. This includes packaging and cost of shipping., however, provides tools that will help you do this easily, efficiently, and quickly.(6)

4) AbeBooks – the company, in conjunction with TextbooksRus, provides a convenient buyback option for students or anyone who would like to resell their books. The price quote you get for your books depends wholly on the demand for that particular book. If demand is high, you will get quotes that are usually more attractive than your college’s buyback offer or AbeBooks competitors. If you receive payment that is less than the quoted price, this means that the condition of the book you sent to them is lower than what is required by the company. You may even sell editions that other companies refuse (e.g. international editions, free copy editions, instructor’s editions, etc.). Shipping is free via FedEx and USPS Media Mail.

5) BIGWORDS – this site gets you in touch with companies that buyback books and resell them. It allows you to compare the different offers available. The companies covered are not just those that are based online but also include bookstores and used books companies. Shipping depends on whether the company you chose to sell your book to will pay for the shipping themselves or ask you to handle this yourself. It is a very good site if you want to get a feel for how much your book is worth, aside from which company is offering the most for it.

6) BookFinder – this is another site that provides the visitor with information on how much bookstores are offering for your books. Shipping is covered by BookFinder’s partners. The titles, however, are limited to those the site’s partners are buying. These partners include those located in Canada and the United Kingdom not just the United States.

Some Tips on Getting the Best Price

When you purchase a used book, buy with an eye towards reselling the book. Make sure that the book’s condition meets with the minimum required by most buy back companies and keep it that way. You not only save by buying your books at a lower price, you save even more because you can resell this book later on. An excellent way to do this is to purchase books from reputable resellers that provide return options.

Take time to compare buy back offers. Websites like BIGWORDS and BookFinder will prove invaluable in providing you with this information. Also, use your school’s book buy back offer as a baseline for comparison, especially if you do not have the luxury of time and need to sell your books as soon as possible. If you do have the luxury of waiting until demand for your books go up, do so. You will get some of the most profitable sales this way.

So, Where Is the Best Place to Sell Your College Books?

The answer, anywhere you can get more for each dollar you spent in getting that book. Of course, you need to do some research so you know how much your books are worth. The best time to sell a book is when the demand for it is high. So, keep your books in good condition and save a lot for your next set of required reading materials.

The Way I Discovered The Facts On College Textbooks

Let me be clear: Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology doesn’t teach biology. Of course, a brand new product this year is going to be less than precisely the same brand-new product several years from today. Of course, if it’s a subject that changes very quickly, like education, and also the book is ten years older, you actually will need a more recent one. After determination of the necessary heat-transfer surface area, the size and period of the inner pipe could be picked and the dimension of the external pipe.

I made them consider that engineering science at community school with his buddy, since he was too young to have a course by himself. Only you’ll have the final say in how effectively, how cautiously and accordingly you are likely to deal the books, so it’s your responsibility to do so correctly. Great books design your head of each and every college student and make them more accountable mature residents. At the start of every session, students need certainly to spend plenty to money to buy textbooks. When working with coupons, it’s vital that you recognize that smaller amounts of money accumulate with time into large amounts.

A partial list of types that include supermarkets, junk food, restaurant, numerous retail research, PIZZAS. ) of the tips on this listing to reduce your publication statement along as much as possible. The down-side to the web sites like these is you will need to make an effort to complete some research to obtain the best bargains. Research fees, textbooks, transportation and healthcare also must be considered. Student textbooks is found at a discount and so they come new and used, and you may buy, sell, or book books online. But these specific things don’t enable the unpublished composer of educational textbooks.

Mcdougal utilized another matters for example poverty and wealth, and estrangement and owed while the protagonist develops from a son into a man. This really is your safest choice as you do not need to deal with any persons separately and you can get your textbooks for faculty from an existing and respected online-business. Several of the best job-related recommendations, referrals and karma arises from volunteering. If you cannot afford an exclusive university, or you just do not desire to sign up for loans time, provide state schools a go.

Several say they favor published textbooks over digital types of information. Most textbooks that students use in their university classes are typically employed for one program, maybe two. The ebook will then be shipped from the independent bookseller, nevertheless, you can typically finish your purchase with all the major bookseller. Books cost university students a great deal of cash annually, and students are now actually trying to spend less by leasing them. They genuinely believe that this will soon appear when the pupils will dispense with their pen and papers and, instead, readthrough the ereader publications.

They are also having a big marketing this semester where FIVE students who join the service will win $1000 worth of free textbooks. For example, I’d believe that one could manage various electronics with care (i. I remember receiving only one or two e-mail offers from their website to that I requested they remove my email from their basic email list plus it was accomplished, promptly. Surely, many students hate the notion of constantly being forced to have their books once they bypass the university. Stubhub not only makes buying seats handy for you but additionally provides you with some great deals on the side.